Student Council

The school council will be formally set-up this year. It will play a highly active role in the
school. Its purpose will be to serve as a meeting place for the student body and the
administration, where the students can assume responsibility of organizing their school activities.
It is a forum where members will be trained in the conduct of formal meetings and encouraged to
express themselves. The council will promote leadership, initiative, interest in school activities
and concern for the general welfare of the school.

The council will be made up of:
 Elected student representatives from classes IV to VIII
 Two nominated student representatives from class II and III
 School Head Boy
 School Head Girl
 Two nominated teacher representatives
 Vice Principal
 Principal

The Prefect’s Council
 School Head Boy
 School Head Girl
 School’s Sports Captains
 School Activity Captains

Women’s Cell
 Vice Principal
 School Head Girl
 Class wise Girls ’representative