1: -Basic 

(Duration : 3 Month)

Computer Typing 

MS- Paint 





MS-DOS + Fundamentals




Intro. to Net

  2 :-Tally 

(Duration :- 3 Month )

Tally , 4.5 ,5.0 ,5.4 ,6.3 , 7.2 , & 9.0  with vat

3 :- D.T.P

(Duration :- 3 Month )


Corel Draw


4:- Programming 

 (Duration :- 3 Month )

C++ , HTML , DHTML & Javascript


Basic :

Fundamental of Computer means Basic knowledge of Computer. In computer field, if you want to be genious in any subject then “BASIC” is necessary. We are here make your computer “BASE” very strong.

Windows :

“Window” is an Operating System, which is most important part in Computer. So it is very important to get command over different commands of “WINDOWS”. That will be provided by us here so that you can become “Speedy & Smart” Operator.



In Computer Education, the Primary knowledge and Basic Information is necessary for all, by which we shall be able to go ahead in any field of Computer Education. We should know how to operate the Computer System such as Window Operating, M. S. Office, Installation, Hardware, Software, Internet Operating etc.

M. S. Word :

It is a part of M. S. Office module, in which we will teach you menuwise options like letter typing, Envelop & Label, Mail Merge, Comments, Bookmark, Foot Note, End Note, Macro, Auto text, Header-Footer etc.

M. S. Excel :

Different types of Calculations, Formulas & Practical knowledge. In which Sum, Count, Average, Maxiumm, Minimum as well as Charts, Ascending & Descending, Sort, Filter, Classwise Analysis of Business, Office expenses, Result, Percentage, Category, V-Lookup, H-Lookup, Pivot Table, Salary Sheet etc., which are very useful in “Government Offices”.

PowerPoint :

To make any Project presentation, different effects, back-ground & animations varieties are required that we will teach you.

Internet :

In today’s Developing Electronic World if anything has created Hevoke than i.e. Internet. Internet has made the World so small i.e. can be set in “PALM AREA”. In this regards, we the (NICE) teaching Inter-net Operating with many useful menus, which are mostly needed today. Like Installation, Web Searching, Surfing, Create Email ID, Send Email with attachment, How to place photograph in our Profile ? Sign-in as Invisible to Everyone, Make contact, Weather Report, Photofunia, Reddodo, Online Shopping, Railway Enquiry, See History & Delete History, How to make Home Page Way2SMS etc.


PageMaker :

This Programme is base of DTP, that’s why we will teach many specimens with measurement in detail, Various formats like, Documentation, Newspaper Lay-out, Visiting Card, Invitation Card / Letter, Letter Pad, Bill Book, Wedding Card etc.

Corel Draw :

Its not wrong to say here that COREL DRAW IS “SOUL” of Designing. In today’s 4-Colour designing world, “Corel Draw” Programme is an Entrance of DTP. To make you updated with Today’s multi-colour designing, we teach you Photo-shop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Graphic Designing etc.

Photoshop :

By using this software you can create different types of Backgrounds, Photo Editing, Font’s Shadow, Embossing, Engraving, Moreover you can merge one Photo with other screened photo & can make “LAYOUT” for drafting website by using this software.

Web Designing :
Advance Photoshop :
Raster Graphics & Application
Filters & Plugins (KPT/Eye Candy/Alien Skin)

Adobe Dreamweaver :
Making static website
Working the tables, layers
Working with behaviors
Form handling
Working with CSS
Uploading your individual websites

Adobe Flash :

Making applications like intros, short stories
Working with interactive intros & interactive websites
Working with audio & video
Publishing & Exporting
Fundamentals of Action scripting

Tally 9.2 :

In Computer Accounting the most latest, simple and speedy Software is Tally, In which various facilities and automation make Accounting very smooth. In Tally Accounts we are teaching various accounts with examples like 1. Keeping Inventory 2. Multiple Godown 3. Conversion in Pcs, Kgs. etc. 4. Bank Reconciliation, 5. Share Market, 6. Vat 7. Personal Accounts etc.